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    An investigation into the Open Dialogue Foundation is underway

    The Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Lublin is investigating possible financial irregularities in the Open Dialogue Foundation (Fundacja Otwarty Dialog – FOD), and the financial flows of the company “Silk Road” related to the FOD, are also being examined, the news outlet informed on Monday.

    “Evidence is being collected, including interrogation of witnesses, activities under international legal assistance and European Investigation Orders are also carried out, an analysis of the financial flows of the Open Dialogue Foundation and Silk Road is in progress, and we are waiting for materials from the tax authorities,” prosecutor Piotr Marko, spokesman for the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Lublin announced for the news outlet.

    Tax inspectors examined, among others, FOD reports for 2014 and 2015 by checking the list of donors. According to the auditors, the data on the foundation’s donors are not correct. Most of the funds obtained by the foundation (for the years 2014-2016) were actually supposed to come from Petro Kozlovski – Lyudmila Kozlovska’s brother. He was to transfer them both on his own behalf and through other entities.


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