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    Disagreement over Reconstruction Plan

    United Poland, one of the three parties that make up the ruling United Right Coalition, has announced that it remains opposed to the recovery plan presented by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. The plan will have to be ratified by the Polish parliament. If the entire opposition and United Poland vote against the plan, the government will not have a majority in favour of ratification. The parliaments of the other 26 member states will also have to ratify their own plans in order for the money from the EU’s 750 billion Euro recovery fund to start flowing. If the EU’s recovery fund is not ratified by all 27 member states the initiative will fail and it’s back to the drawing board.

    From the very beginning, Solidarity Poland announced that it would not support the plan because of the threat of the joint debt of member states and would probably vote against, although talks are continuing. The second coalition partner of Law and Justice has no objections.

    “Now Poles, not fraction A or B or any politician, need funds. We need to work out such a solution where no group of people will be ignored.” commented Jan Strzeżek, the head of the political cabinet of Jarosław Gowin. 

    The Confederation party declared yesterday that it won’t support the national recovery plan. 

    “This national fund, which is a package of institutional and financial solutions,  is based on debt mutualisation. Konfederation will vote against it.” stated Krzysztof Bosak, the leader of the Confederation party. 

    The ruling Law and Justice party count on the votes of the Left Party, and MEP Leszek Miller supports the national fund.

    “If the ratification isn’t supported in the Polish Parliament and if it fails it means not only will Poland suffer but also all EU countries and I want to underline this, that the recovery fund will not apply anywhere.” said Leszek Miller, an MEP from the Democratic Left Alliance. 

    The Civic Coalition, although at the beginning in favor of adopting the EU reconstruction fund, now criticizes the project and, together with the Polish People’s Party, is demanding an extraordinary session of the Parliament, to debate the plan.

    “The opposition generally behaves in an anti-state way in our beloved Poland, which is very sad. They argue about everything. Today they try to do this out of spite saying that they will not support the national recovery program. It’s just ridiculous because this is the money from European Union that is simply owed to us. This is not grace from Brussels. These are negotiated funds.” stated Adam Andruszkiewicz, deputy minister at the prime minister’s office from the Law and Justice party. 

    Consultations on the national reconstruction plan will end on April 2nd. 









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