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    Another lockdown in Poland?

    The Ministry of Health reported 10 896 new infections, and 28 more deaths as of yesterday. Last week the respective numbers were 6,170 and 35. The statistics show clearly the rising wave of coronavirus infections. The Minister of Health, Adam Niedzielski announced that up to 40,000 beds would be available for new patients.

    The minister stressed that the rising number of infections is very disturbing – compared to last week the infections are almost doubling.  

    “The growth has reached 75 percent week to week. And this is a decisive acceleration compared to what we have seen in recent days. Because in recent days, the average increase in the number of cases from week to week has fallen from 30 percent to 25 percent. Hence, yesterday’s numbers are a very disturbing signal.” stated Adam Niedzielski, the minister of health. 

    Taking a Covid 19 test is going to be simplified in a radical way. No longer will it require a doctor’s prescription. All that will be required is to complete an online form at the website. The Health Ministry hopes this will relieve the pressure on primary health care units.

    Another element of the government’s strategy is the expansion of temporary coronavirus hospitals. One such unit operates at Warsaw Okęcie and another in Radom will be opened this week. 

    “Temporary hospitals are very important and their role will grow as the number of people visiting doctors increases. And there will be more and more of these people because we have a high epidemic wave.” commented prof. Grzegorz Gielerak, the director of the Military Medical Institute.

    According to data from the Ministry of Health, over 18,500 covid beds are currently occupied, and 2,000 patients are using respirators.



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