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    Lawyer: The campaign against President Obajtek is underway, there are many lies

    Daniel Obajtek decided that the best solution to cut through speculation and a string of lies about him is to turn to the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau (CBA), which has the appropriate tools to explain such matters, Maciej Zaborowski, lawyer, who today submitted an application for re-inspection of the assets of the incumbent president of PKN Orlen, tells the portal,. Will that stop the campaign of lies?

    On Tuesday morning, the attorney of Daniel Obajtek, Maciej Zaborowski, filed a motion with the CBA to re-control the financial interests declaration of the president of PKN Orlen.

    “The situation with the campaign, which has already been going on for 2.5 weeks, and as you can see it will continue, meant that Mr. Daniel Obajtek made a decision that the best solution to cut through speculation and a string of lies that violate personal rights is to turn to the authorities of Central Anticorruption Bureau has both the appropriate tools and is obliged to explain such cases. Certainly neither “Gazeta Wyborcza”, nor opposition MPs are entities that are able to explain anything,” attorney says for the portal

    “However, I believe – with a certain distance, but I believe – in the opposition and in the media. Since the matter is to be dealt with by the Central Anticorruption Bureau, I hope that these people will be at least restrained in their statements at this time,” explains the representative of the head of PKN Orlen.



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