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    The fourteenth pensions in late November / early December

    The fourteenth pension in the amount of PLN 1,250.88 gross will go to seniors this year in November or December. It will be about PLN 1066 net, reminded on Friday Deputy Minister of Family and Social Policy Stanisław Szwed.

    In TVP Info, Szwed was asked about the rules and deadline for paying the so-called fourteenth pension. The act on this matter, assuming another additional cash benefit for old age and disability pensioners in 2021, was published in the Journal of Laws last week. Its regulations will take effect on March 25.

    The deputy minister recalled that the so-called “fourteen” will go to retirees “in November or possibly in December this year”.

    “This will be the lowest pension, as in the case of the thirteenth pension, that is PLN 1250.88 (gross),” said Szwed, adding that it will be around PLN 1066 net.

    The fourteenth pension is to be paid out to approximately 9.1 million old age and disability pensioners. Approximately 7.9 million recipients will be entitled to the full amount of PLN 1,250.88 gross.



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