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    Daniel Obajtek: “Orlen for Firemen” program is an expression of corporate social responsibility

    Financial support of the state and voluntary fire service units by the Orlen Foundation is an expression of corporate social responsibility – said the President of PKN Orlen, Daniel Obajtek, during the ceremonial gala summarizing another edition of the grant program “Orlen for firefighters” in 2021.

    According to Daniel Obajtek, activities for the benefit of society show that Orlen is a mature company and that as a champion of the Polish economy it not only achieves financial success but also invests in social tasks, “in which big business must invest”.

    “The fire service enjoys the great social trust and cares for all Poles, and after all, they are also our customers,” said PKN Orlen CEO.

    Addressing the participants of the ceremony at the Grand Theatre in Warsaw, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, thanked professional and voluntary firefighters for their service. He emphasized that the character traits of a firefighter include “fortitude, patience, perseverance, forbearance, discipline, willingness to help, selflessness, and the belief that it is worth the effort.”

    The Prime Minister particularly emphasized the role of volunteer firefighters in local communities.

    “Girl scouts and boy scouts are the elite of local communities, worthily representing over 100 years of their service tradition and today building integrity, unity and social cohesiveness in villages, municipalities and counties.  This is an enormous value,” said Mateusz Morawiecki.

    The CEO Daniel Obajtek added that Polish firefighters – risking their lives and health – build their brand not only in Poland and in local communities, but also by helping abroad, e.g., in Germany, Sweden, or Greece.

    Superintendent. Andrzej Bartkowiak, Chief Commandant of the State Fire Service, said that the funds received from the Orlen Foundation are used to finance purchases of both basic equipment and clothing for firefighters and specialist equipment such as drones, road rescue equipment, thermal imaging cameras, or modern communication systems.

    “Every penny spent on volunteer and state fire departments is money well invested because we know how to put it to work to keep citizens safe,” said Andrew Bartkowiak.

    He stressed that the solemn ‘Orlen for Firefighters’ gala is also a tribute to the hard work of voluntary and state firefighters.

    “Everyone knows that firefighters can always be counted on, in the case of both fires and natural disasters, that if we call the fire department, help is sure to come,” the fire chief said.

    This year, the Orlen Foundation, which implements the “Orlen for firefighters” program, received applications from nearly 3,000 units, from which 267 Volunteer Fire Departments and State Fire Departments units were selected. In total, under the “Orlen for firefighters” program, the company supported over the last four years 1100 Volunteer Fire Departments and State Fire Departments in Poland.

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