On Sunday, a demonstration called by Donald Tusk, the head of the Civic Platform (PO), took place at Castle Square in Warsaw in reaction to Thursday's verdict of the Constitutional Tribunal, which declared certain provisions of the Treaty on European Union unconstitutional.


On the air of TVP Info, the editor-in-chief of "Gazeta Polska" and "Gazeta Polska Codziennie" Tomasz Sakiewicz asked whether Brussels was not trying to provoke Poles by encouraging the EC to hit Poland. So, is there a plan in Berlin to push Poland out of the EU, and has Donald Tusk come to implement that plan?


- "Secondary is the seizure of power (...) They are afraid of such Poland, which competes with the economies of the largest European countries, Poland that has its own opinion on geopolitical issues, Poland that can play considering the USA. Poland is a serious competitor to German policy, which makes Europe parochial," - he said.


He also referred to the appearance of judges at Tusk's political demonstration, pointing out that it was a violation of the law.


- "I cannot imagine Professor Przyłębska appearing at the manifestation called by Jarosław Kaczyński and supporting some of his postulates, and after all, these manifestations were called by the party leader, Donald Tusk. We are passing more and more of this extreme violation of the law by judges, a denunciation of the Constitution. Because failure to recognize the President's appointment of a judge is a denunciation of the Constitution. It is written in the Polish Constitution that a judge is the one appointed by the president," 


- he recalled, adding that by doing so, these judges are pronouncing their oath as judges. 


- "A judge who does not recognize the presidential nomination of another judge should have his judicial seat extinguished," - he stated.