Trzecie Oko Publishing House shares its publications on Spotify, where more and more authors are sharing their works. "Their Third Eye" is another audio gift for ambitious readers.


It's a story about people who haven't seen since birth or have lost their sight due to unlucky events. The author talks about their lives against the background of historical events of the second half of the 20th century. How did the disabled, the blind, and the visually impaired deal with life? 


Marek Kalbarczyk lost his sight at the age of 13. This did not stop him from starting a large, happy family, creating a pioneering company offering equipment for the blind and a foundation to help his community. He has been socially active since the age of 16 and has achieved incredible professional success. He is a mathematician and computer scientist, manager, publicist, writer, and musician. He included a dozen of his poems in “Their Third Eye” so that one day he would earn the title of poet. If that happens, it will only be because of the readers and their feedback!


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