Numerous terrariums, aquariums and aviaries for birds have been installed in the building in the shelter for Homeless Animals in Bytom. They are well separated from the surrounding dogs and cats. In addition, the rooms in which the animals will be located are protected against possible escapes. 

A detailed list of species that will be accepted in the unit:

Birds: turquoise-fronted amazon, yellow-naped amazon, golden-headed, white-fronted amazon, green-cheeked parakeet, white-faced rosella, eastern rosella, crimson rosella, Lord Derby's parakeet, red-rumped parrot, and more.

Reptiles: ball python, Indian python, boa constrictor, rainbow boa, Russian tortoise, Greek turtle, green iguana, leopard gecko, veiled chameleon.

Amphibians: Anthony's poison arrow frog, yellow-banded poison dart frog, blue poison dart frog and more.