German politician wants to talk to Russia about opening Nord Stream 2
German left-wing politician Klaus Ernst says Germany should talk to Russia about opening Nord Stream 2, even though there is a war going on. All because the post-communist party MP is worried about Germany and calls for an end to Russian sanctions.
Winners of the 24th Polish Product of the Future competition selected
The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) and the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR), together with representatives of the jury of the Polish Product of the Future competition, presented awards and distinctions to the most innovative Polish products and technologies. The main prizes for their projects - and thus the title of the Polish Product of the Future - went to Poznan University of Technology and Nanoseen sp. z o.o.
"Brest" - the commander of the Belarusian Kastus Kalinouski regiment has fallen near Lysychansk. What has happened there?
Ivan "Brest" Marchuk, one of the commanders of the Belarusian Kastus Kalinouski volunteer regiment, fighting on the side of Ukraine, fell near Lysychansk, and several other soldiers of the volunteer unit are missing. "Belarusians will never forget your sacrifice," the leader of the Belarusian opposition, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, pointed out on Twitter.
Opening of the modern Community Mental Health Center for Children and Adolescents in Tarczyn
Growing up in the shadow of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine is extremely hard for children and adolescents. Therefore, a new Community Health Center has been opened in Tarczyn today.
PLN 40 million funding for school canteens in Poland
Primary schools will receive another PLN 40 million funding from the government to renovate and equip school canteens. 'A meal in school and at home' program is an ongoing project that has been cultivating since 2019 in Poland. The money will go to 661 public primary schools. From the beginning of the initiative, in total 2,635 primary schools have received funding in the amount of PLN 200 million.
British Challenger 2 Tanks in Poland later this week
“British Challenger 2 Tanks will arrive in Poland later this week (…) This is another strong endorsement of British support,” Mariusz Błaszczak informed.
Ms Zofia Czekalska 'Sosenka', liaison officer in the Warsaw Uprising, celebrates her 99th birthday
Zofia Czekalska 'Sosenka' is celebrating her 99th birthday today. Heartfelt wishes are also given to Mrs Zofia by internet users. How can you join them? You can find out more below!
The Journey of Jack Kerouac in a Polish museum
Until September 22nd the visitors of Dom Bretanii in Poznan can see an exhibition “Sad Paradise. Jack Kerouac’s Last Road”. It’s a collection of René Tanguy’s photographs that portray the links between Jack Kerouac and Brittany, a region in France where his ancestors were from.
Volleyball Nations League: Poles defeated by Iran
The last 3rd week of the Volleyball Nations League has started. Poles faced Iranians during the first match of this round in Ergo Arena in Gdańsk. After a very long game, Iran occurred to be better and the Polish national men's team did not manage to win. Iran defeated Poland 3:2 in the tie-break.
Ukrainian forces regained control of the new territory. The Belarusian volunteer regiment also inflicts losses on the aggressor [VIDEOS]
The Armed Forces of Ukraine have recaptured from the hands of the Russian aggressor the village of Solodke in the Donetsk region, Volnovas region. The information was reported by Alexei Goncharenko, Ukrainian Chairman of the Odesa Regional Council. The media also report another successful action by the Kastus Kalinouski regiment, made up of Belarusian volunteers fighting on the side of Ukraine.
Polish Professional golfer Adrian Meronk is the first Pole who won the Horizon Irish Open 2022 - DP World Tour!
Polish Professional golfer Adrian Meronk is the first Pole who won the Horizon Irish Open 2022 - DP World Tour! This success in Ireland will ensure him a strong advance in the world ranking. Meronk recorded six top-ten finishes in the 2022 campaign before the championships. The situation during the final day was dynamic and the top golfers in the ranking were slightly chaning their positions. Nevertheless, our country's best golfer was still in the lead and won Poland's first DP World Tour title.
A disappearing mural in Warsaw that you can see only when it comes into contact with water
A disappearing mural at Europejski square in front of the company’s myhive Warsaw Spire can be seen only when it comes into contact with water. The water is provided mainly by the largerst fountain at the square or rain. It is painted with special nano paints and the main theme of the mural is world peace. The authors of the mural are associated with the Galeria Przechodnia outdoor art foundation. The project was developed on the initiative of IMMOFINANZ, the owner of the myhive Warsaw Spire, and CA Immo, the owner of the two lower buildings in the Warsaw Spire complex.
Traces of the Borkovice dinosaurs
July will mark the first anniversary of the discovery of dinosaur tracks in Borkowice near the town of Przysucha in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship. The site is part of the Przysucha Forestry Commission's area, currently leased to a ceramic clay mine from part of the "Borkowice-Radestów" refractory clay deposit. It was during the mining of the clay that dinosaur tracks were exposed. The State Forests declare their full willingness to cooperate with all interested parties to preserve this valuable find while respecting current legislation.
Illegal tobacco and production line seized by border guards [PHOTOS & VIDEO]
Border guards in Lower Silesia seized illegal tobacco worth PLN 850,000 and a cigarette production line worth approx. The border guards seized illegal tobacco worth PLN 850 000 and a cigarette production line worth approximately PLN 30 000. The two men who manufactured the cigarettes were also detained.
When will inflation decrease in Poland?
We are fighting inflation by all possible means and I hope that in a few months it will be in a downward trend, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on TVP Info.
Home Army soldiers' quarters in Mikuliszki in Belarus were razed to the ground! "It is an act of barbarism"
The Union of Poles in Belarus reported in the media that in Mikuliszki, in the Grodno region of Belarus, "the authorities, with the use of heavy-duty vehicles, razed to the ground the quarters of the soldiers of the 3rd and 6th Brigades of the Home Army who died in 1944". "Another act of state barbarism," it was commented.
Hundreds of unidentified burnt bodies in Ukraine
Ukrainian services have found 1,600 unidentified bodies since the beginning of the Russian full-scale attack on Ukraine, Ukrinform quoted Ukraine's Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Kateryna Pavlichenko.
The remembrance of Piotr Machalica in Czestochowa
Piotr Machalica (1955-2020), an actor and drama director closely tied to Czestochowa now has a monument of him sitting on a bench at the Aleje Najświętszej Maryi Panny in Czestochowa. The memorial was opened on July 1st, at the beginning of a 3-day festival named after Machalica.
Polish study might change standard of medical conduct concerning patients with plasma cell myeloma
Scientists have identified a more effective method of maintenance therapy after autologous bone marrow transplantation in patients with plasma cell myeloma.
Russian MFA made an "erotic and defiant" video to celebrate a strawberry harvest season
First, MFA Maria Zakharova considered Ukrainian borscht to be an example of xenophobia, Nazism, and extremism. Now, the Russian MFA made an "erotic" video and shared it on Telegram to celebrate a strawberry harvest season in Russia! “My harvest,” she wrote.
Zaguby – traditional dish of Podlasie cuisine [RECIPE]
Zaguby is a potato and dumpling dough dish typical of Podlasie cuisine in the Bug River region, especially in the vicinity of Drohiczyn (Siemiatycze County). The origins of this dish date back to the 19th century, when cereal, potato or flour and potato products were the staple food. The availability and low price of these ingredients were of great importance in the kitchens of less well-off families.
Approx. PLN 1 million support - the National Food Group S.A. sent another food parcels to Ukraine
The National Food Group S.A. (Polish: Krajowa Grupa Spożywcza S.A.) sent another food parcels to Ukraine last Thursday. From the beginning of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, the company sent food worth around PLN 1 million to our Eastern neighbour.
Janusz Kupcewicz has died. He was a 1982 World Cup medal winner
The 1982 World Cup football medallist Janusz Kupcewicz has died. The sad news was announced on Monday morning by his colleague from the Polish national team, Zbigniew Boniek.
The 28th IHF Men’s World Championship to be held in Poland and Sweden. Poles met their rivals
Slovenia, Saudi Arabia and France will be the group rivals of Polish handball players in the World Cup, which will be played in Poland and Sweden from 11-29 January 2023. The draw took place on Saturday in Katowice.
Unlucky evening for Poles. The White and Reds defeated in VNL and basketball
The Polish basketball players lost to Germany 93:83 in the World Championship qualifiers, and the Polish volleyball women’s team lost to Bulgaria 1:3.
Several thousand Polish soldiers of the new volunteer force sworn in
Thousands of soldiers of Poland's new volunteer force, comprised of people who signed up for basic military service and set up in response to Russia's aggression against Ukraine, took their oath of enlistment on Sunday.
Today ends the 31st Jewish Culture Festival in Kraków
The 31st Jewish Culture Festival in Kraków comes to an end. The festival was held between June 24th and July 3rd in Kraków’s Jewish quarter – Kazimierz. This year’s edition referred to water and its ritual and religious symbolics, functions and connotations. The connection between water and climate changes was also the issue of the festival.
Polish project in the final of the ERC competition
A Polish archaeological research project in Old Dongola, Sudan, has made it to the final of the European Research Council (ERC) competition for public engagement with research. It is a project of the Centre for Mediterranean Archaeology of the University of Warsaw.
The Polish Nobel laureates series: Tadeusz Reichstein
Tadeusz Reichstein, named after Tadeusz Kościuszko, was a Polish-Swiss chemist who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine laureate in 1950. He was born to the Jewish family of Isidor Reichstein and Gastava Brockmann, later assimilated with Polish culture, and obtained Polish citizenship.
Polish women became Rugby Europe 7s champions! [VIDEO]
The Polish women's national rugby 7s team secured the title of European champions during the final tournament played in Krakow. The success of the charges of coach Janusz Urbanowicz was determined by a 14:0 semi-final victory against Scotland.
A Russian landing craft was blown up by a mine near Mariupol. Explosions in the Russian town of Belgorod near the border with Ukraine [VIDEO]
The landing craft Project 1176 “Shark” belonging to the Russian Black Sea Fleet, has entered a mine in the Sea of Azov in the Mariupol area. Three crew members were killed, reported an advisor to the Ukrainian mayor of Mariupol, Petro Andriushchenko.
270 thousand Ukrainians have already found a job in Poland
From March 15 this year, employers in Poland informed about the employment of over 270 thousand Ukrainian citizens. The vast majority of the new employees, that is 194 thousand, are women. In recent months, most Ukrainians have found a job in the following voivodeships: Mazowieckie, Dolnośląskie, Łódzkie, and Wielkopolskie. The employment process under the simplified procedure fulfilled its intended purpose.
Poles defeated Israel, now they have to win against Germany [VIDEO]
Poland's national basketball team defeated Israel in Lublin after extra time 90:85 in a meeting of the fifth round of the 2023 World Cup qualifiers. Thanks to the victory, the red and white team still have a chance to advance to the second stage of the qualifiers.
Summer open-air cinema with the National Museum in Warsaw
From July 3rd, the National Museum in Warsaw starts a program of weekly film screenings at the yard. The first movie is “The Beaches of Agnès” (2008, dir. Agnès Varda) and it airs today at 9:30 P.M. The entry is free.
Another Il Divo concert in Poland in memoriam to the late band member
Il Divo - the adored operatic pop band announces its second concert in Poland this year. Fans in our country will have the opportunity to see their idols additionally on 17 October at COS Torwar in Warsaw. In addition, Il Divo will also perform in Poland on 12 November at TAURON Arena Krakow. This will be Il Divo's seventh and eighth visit to the Vistula, but the first time without Carlos Marin, who passed away at the end of 2021. The upcoming 'Greatest Hits Tour' dedicated to the late band member promises to be the most moving in Il Divo's history. The concerts are organised by the Prestige MJM agency.
Wimbledon 2022: Unlucky day for Polish tennis players
Both Iga Świątek and Magdalena Fręch lost today's matches and did not advance to the fourth round of the tournament. For Iga, this is the first lost match in four months.
Szewczak: PKN Orlen makes new investments
"All top-down, administrative and bureaucratic restrictions can only affect the market in a negative way. Stabilization is the most significant aspect so that everyone has free access to our products," Chief Financial Officer of the Management Board of PKN Orlen, Jan Szewczak said for Telewizja Republika.
We are looking for energy. We are building offshore wind farms. Lotos is already conducting research [VIDEO]
Forum Wizja Rozwoju (The Vision of Development Forum), under the patronage of Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, brought together people from various backgrounds for the fifth time for economic debates. Topics discussed included the most important challenges that the Polish economy has to face, such as energy security, including renewable energy sources or the maritime economy. The role of Poland as a friendly investment destination was also discussed.
Volleyball Nations League: A long and exciting match, unfortunately with a defeat for the Poles
The Polish national women’s team fought until the very end. However, the Dominican Republic proved to be better and, in the tie-break, defeated the Polish team.
Polish swimming team shines with 6 medals! - European Para Youth Games 2022
A very impressive swimming performance of our Polish team on the first day of European Para Youth Games in Pajulahti, Finland! The swimmers won 6 medals! Congratulations!
Will war break out between Russia and NATO? The former NATO secretary does not rule this out. He points out the reason
Are Russia's threats against Lithuania unfounded? According to the former NATO Secretary-General, they cannot be fully disregarded. Anders Fogh Rasmussen pointed out that if Vladimir Putin's soldiers want to violate the borders of one of the Alliance members, they should expect consequences.
Enea is on a growth path. The company wants to develop the nuclear power segment
The 590 Congress is a cyclical economic event held since 2016. It brings together prominent people from around the country, representatives of the world of politics and experts. This year's seventh edition of the 590 Congress focused on the region's challenges. Economic security, joint initiatives, food economy, and the development of political relations were discussed. Ecology, energy and transport also occupied an important place in the congress' discussions.
“I Have Been Here... With a Brick” exhibition
Tony Halik Explorers’ Museum in Torun has recently opened an exhibition of Tomek Kawiak’s works. He is a sculptor, painter and traveller, who left bricks in the places he visited. The exhibition consists of his paintings, sculptures and bricks, and it’s available until October 2nd.
The ‘deliberate, purposeful Russian terror’ and its ‘good will.’ Zelensky and Zaluzhnyi about yesterday’s events [VIDEO]
“Three cruise missiles hit Serhiivka. Missiles also hit Zatoka. 12 missiles hit Mykolaiv at once - various objects in the city. It's only one night and morning,” Ukrainian President Zelensky informed on Telegram. He also referred to the ‘changing death toll’ after Russia’s attack.
The 11th edition of the “Clean Tatra Mountains” initiative has started today!
“Clean Tatra Mountains” initiative organized by the “Clean Poland” Association is a great educational campaign organized in Zakopane and the Tatra Mountains since 2012. So far, 35,150 volunteers took part in the 10 editions of the initiative and they carried 6,719 kg of rubbish from the mountains. The partners of the July event are, as every year, the Mayor of the City of Zakopane, the Tatra National Park, and the Polish Cableways. The main partner is Electrolux, and other supporting sponsors are the following companies: Rekopol, Jan Niezbędny, and Biedronka.
The Mountain Museum in the building of the Skalite amphitheatre in Szczyrk is now officially open!
From today, you can officially visit the Mountain Museum in Szczyrk, which was put into use yesterday. It will show the history of tourism and sports in the Beskids, as well as the history of the folk culture of the region. As the city of Szczyrk explains, "The museum will reflect a broad view of the history and development of a tourist destination closely related to skiing and the cultural heritage of the Carpathians."
Let’s make blueberries pierogi on the occasion of the Polish Blueberry Day! [RECIPE]
A simple and proven recipe for blueberries dumplings. Prepared in this way, they are ideal for hot summer days. Pierogi are said to be one of the most recognizable Polish dishes in the world. We always hear about pierogi with sauerkraut and mushrooms, stuffed meat or Russian pierogi, but have you ever eaten sweet pierogi?
Chludzinski: KGHM Polska Miedz is currently in the boom phase [VIDEO]
The war is associated with a huge demand for copper products. Every country that builds infrastructure and an army needs it, said the president of KGHM Polska Miedz Marcin Chludzinski on TV Republika.
Energy transformation in the era of war. Congress 590 "Safety first" [VIDEO]
The war in Ukraine may temporarily change our needs regarding energy sources, but in the long term we will stick to the direction of "Green Europe", said the participants of the debate "Green transformation of Europe" during the Congress 590.