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    Tragic End to Search Operation in Nowy Staw

    In a sorrowful conclusion to a search operation that spanned several hours, rescue teams recovered the body of a 35-year-old man from the Święta River in Nowy Staw on Saturday. The discovery was marked by the eerie presence of the man’s bicycle and personal belongings on the riverbank, painting a somber scene for the local community.

    The search operation began when the police were alerted around 1 PM on Saturday by a witness who reported seeing a man enter the Święta River and subsequently fail to resurface. Responding swiftly, local police, emergency medical teams, and firefighters from the Specialized Water and Diving Rescue Group based in Gdańsk were called to the scene.

    Senior Sergeant Martyna Orzeł, press officer for the Malbork police, detailed that the victim was a resident of the Nowy Dwór County. The items found at the riverbank – a bicycle and personal effects – were identified as belonging to the deceased, adding a personal dimension to the tragedy.

    Yesterday, the authorities were on site, and under the supervision of a prosecutor, they were diligently working to unravel the circumstances that led to this unfortunate incident.

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