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    Elections on June 28th or July 5th?

    The most likely date for the presidential election is either June 28th or July 5th, Jaroslaw Gowin the leader of the Agreement party informed. He assured that the new presidential election project has the support of the entire United Right coalition.

    In the 2020 presidential election, voting will take place at polling stations, but it will also be possible to vote by correspondence – this is a result of a draft prepared by the Law and Justice parliamentary club. It repeals the law saying that in this year’s election voting is to be only by correspondence. Jarosław Gowin on TVN24 assured that all three parties of the United Right coalition – PiS (Law and Justice), Porozumienie (Agreement), Solidarna Polska (United Poland) – accept the new presidential election project in 2020. Gowin noted that we now have a certain constitutional necessity – elections must take place within 60 days of the announcement by Speaker of Sejm Elżbieta Witek. He added that there was not enough time to prepare all-postal elections.


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