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    Preparations for the next stage of opening the economy

    Guidelines relating to opening cinemas, air transport services and services in shopping centers will be discussed with representatives of individual industries next week – deputy Minister of Development, Olga Semeniuk announced.

    She added that these sectors are prepared to open as the next stage of opening the economy. As Semeniuk said, a series of videoconferences with representatives of these industries will take place next week. She pointed out that cinema representatives want to talk about both their financial situation and the sanitary regime in which they could operate again, as well as guidelines on the number of people in the audience. “The number of people in the cinema room constitutes specific revenues for the cinemas and their limitation means a loss of these revenues. We will make a calculation and talk about when and how we could open this industry gradually”, Semeniuk explained. Air transport will also be prepared for opening. “This is a very difficult area of the opening economy, but also extremely important. Its opening is planned for a later time than the next few days”, she noted. Semeniuk reminded that as part of the opening of shopping centers, the so-called “commercial islands” have already started operating. Currently, “service islands” are also being prepared for operating.


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