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    Cinemas are getting ready to entertain the audiences

    Since June 6 it will be possible to open cinemas, but not all organizers will take advantage of this opportunity. Opening at the beginning or in the second part of the month is announced by some small cinemas. Multiplexes withhold the decision, wanting to learn detailed guidelines to assess whether they will be able to operate without financial loss.

    Decisions on the opening are to be made by the owners and organizers. “Some want to open as soon as possible, others need time”, the Minister of Culture Piotr Gliński said. He noted that there were two basic requirements for the operation of cinemas. The first is to fill the audience capacity up to 50 percent to meet sanitary requirements. The second is the obligation to wear masks. Since June 6, the public will be able to visit the Muranów cinema in Warsaw. Muranów cinema’s manager Adam Trzopek pointed out that the screenings will be made with large intervals. He noted that small cinemas do not strive for “crazy crowds” but to function in the circulation of culture. The opening of Wrocław’s New Horizons cinema is planned in the second half of June. “We still need time to properly prepare the space in terms of sanitary safety and to arrange the most convenient screenings schedule”, cinema manager Stanisław Abramik informed.


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