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    Tourist voucher introduced to boost the tourism industry

    The Minister of Family, Labor and Social Policy Magdalena Maląg said in Łódź that the tourist voucher will support tourism industry companies on the one hand, and on the other enable families to relax in times of the economic crisis caused by the pandemic.

    “A tourist voucher worth PLN 500 is to be granted for each child. The voucher is to help families, but also to strengthen the Polish economy by supporting tourism industry companies”, Minister Maląg informed. “The tourist voucher will be implemented in Poland. Over six million children will be supported. The budget of this program is PLN 3.2 billion”, she said during a press conference in Łódź. The head of the Family Ministry visited the Łódź Voivodeship to summarize the government’s hitherto activities supporting the regional economy under the so-called anti-crisis shields, as well as nationwide social programs that have been functioning for several years. Thanks to the government programs of the so-called anti-crisis shields, entrepreneurs from the region received PLN 4.81 billion out of the total amount of PLN 82.4 billion allocated throughout the country.


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