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    Emotions running high before the second round of presidential elections

    The presidential campaign is entering its final stage. Unfortunately, the high intensity of the political battle between the incumbent president Andrzej Duda, and Civic Coalition candidate Rafał Trzaskowski has led to some ill emotions. The staff of Duda informs about more and more incidents of the destroying of his campaign posters. Meanwhile, in Stargard Szczeciński, the head of state himself stated that there is a special place in Poland for anyone who has the Polish national anthem at heart. Only 10 days remain until the second round of the elections.

    No more then ten days until the second round of elections means the fight for voters gets more fierce by the day. Rafał Trzaskowski, the candidate of the Civic Coalition, still claims he will be an independent president if he wins.

    “Anyone who will be taking an oath while being a member of a party will have to give up their party ID. It is very important that not only the president but also his staff focus on nothing else but strengthening the presidency and building a commonwealth. A strong president is an independent president who can rise up over divisions and listen to all sides”, stated Trzaskowski.

    Meanwhile, during a rally in Stargard Szczeciński, the incumbent president accused Trzaskowski of lying to the voters about his supposed independence…

    “He is the one who took away the people’s money from OFE, who was a minister in the government of Tusk and Kopacz, who voted against the lowering of the retirement age and supported the raising of the VAT tax. I ask you, should he be our president? That is why I am asking you for your support today. I want to continue my policies of protecting families, protecting children, protecting what is most important for our society. I want to protect our future generations, not some political elites…”, commented Duda.

    In Stargard, there was a clash between the supporters and opponents of the current head of state. The protesters shouted slogans such as “Poland free from the Law and Justice party” or “Duda sissy”. In the end, police had to intervene. The staff of president Duda appealed to the supporters of Trzaskowski to respect the other side despite the difference in views.

    “These are pictures from one of the municipalities near Warsaw. You can see how hooligans vandalise Andrzej Duda’s poster. Here are some pictures of vandalised posters. In our opinion, this type of vandalism occurs only because there is silent approval for such actions from the staff of Rafał Trzaskowski”, said Adam Bielan, the spokesman for the staff of Andrzej Duda.

    A presidential debate organised by the TVN station as well as WP and Onet websites was to take place today, however, Andrzej Duda refused to participate in it. He in turn encouraged the three biggest TV stations in Poland to organise a joint debate, which was earlier proposed by the Polsat station. The public television TVP will hold its own debate on July 6th, but all points to the fact that only Andrzej Duda will participate.





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