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    Emilewicz: Nobody prepared for this crisis

    We can be satisfied with how we managed during the crisis, Germany did much worse, deputy prime minister and minister of development Jadwiga Emilewicz said in Tomasz Sakiewiczs program
    “Journalist’s Poker”

    “Until we have an effective therapy, vaccines, we won’t know what awaits us, for example when the influenza virus is coupled with the coronavirus in autumn,” the deputy prime minister said. At the same time, she pointed out that in Poland we have lower than expected unemployment, in June 16 thousand new jobs appeared on the market and if we look at the GDP forecast, we can be optimistic about the future. “As far as the Polish economy is concerned, we will live with the virus for now and we can predict everything for a short period. Unemployment is lower than we assumed two months earlier. 400 thousand companies have suspended their operations after the introduction of the national quarantine. If we look at the GDP forecasts, we are doing well, we have economic diversity and this economic flexibility allows us to deal better with the crisis,” the development minister explains.


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