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    A German at the head of the VAT mafia in Poland

    An indictment was sent to a Wrocław court, in which the prosecutor accused two people of extorting over PLN 80 million of VAT. Among the accused is the foreigner Paul G., who founded and led an organized criminal group.

    “The aim of the group was to reduce the tax liabilities of the State Treasury in respect of value added tax. One of the persons covered by the indictment is the person who founded and then managed this group. The accused has German citizenship and the status of a resident in Switzerland,” Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Wrocław stated in a press release. The indictment covered the activities of the group from January 2015 to June 2016. The prosecutors pointed to the fact that the group acted, among other places, in Legnica and Poznań. It was managed by Paul G. As a result of its activity, the public-law receivables of the State Treasury due to the tax on goods and services decreased in the amount of no less than PLN 80 million. Before filing the indictment, the prosecutor, as a result of extensive actions, secured the funds belonging to the group leader, deposited on a bank account in the Czech Republic in the amount of nearly EUR 4 million.


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