The most popular treats in the Małopolska Region are oscypek – a smoked regional cheese, bryndza podhalańska – a soft, fresh cheese with a pungent and specific taste from the Podhale region, and of course obwarzanek – braided ring-shaped bread sprinkled with poppy seeds, salt, or sesame seeds. 


The most popular dishes in Lesser Poland are: 

- żurek po krakowku (sour rye soup),

- barszcz czerowny po krakowsku (Krakowian borsch),

- sułkowicka krzonówka - Bright, potage soup with horseradish skin. Visible pieces of sliced meat, and egg quarters. All sprinkled with greens,

- zupa zoproska - potage, slushy with visible soup ingredients,

- tarcioki - elongated elliptical noodles,

- prażonki polańskie - slices of potatoes and carrots with diced sausage, bacon and onion, and finely chopped parsley.


Stay tuned! We are preparing recipes for dishes from Małopolska Region 😋