82 years ago, on September 17, 1939, in violation of the Polish-Soviet non-aggression pact, the Red Army entered the territory of the Republic of Poland, implementing the arrangements contained in the secret protocol of the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact.

Jarosław Sellin, Deputy Minister of Culture, National Heritage and Sport, talked about this event in an interview with the Niezalezna. pl website. The politician assessed that when mentioning these events, one should not talk about the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact, but about Hitler-Stalin.

"Ribbentrop and Molotov are actually the executors of the policy of the two greatest monsters that appeared in European history in the 20th century, namely German Hitler and Soviet Stalin," he said.

"It should be remembered that they cooperated with each other before they started the war between themselves. The order of Europe was destroyed, the great genocide began in Europe with this pact. Both these politicians, these criminals knew that the European order would not be broken without the liquidation of the Polish state. It was the Polish state that fought for freedom, for European and Christian civilization," stressed the Deputy Minister.

"That's why they decided to destroy that country," he added.