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    Viktor Orban greeted Hungarians and crowds of Poles. “A warm welcome to the nations of freedom”

    Good morning Hungarians, good morning Poles, good morning Italians. I warmly welcome the people of freedom. We haven’t seen each other for a long time. We need to talk about many things today, but above all, let us remember the days of 65 years ago and the afternoon of 15 years ago,” Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in Budapest.

    Saturday for Hungarians is marked by the 65th anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. Thousands of people gathered at the Műegyetem rkp. Technological University, from where the Peace March began. The “Gazeta Polska” Club members marched bravely with the Hungarian brothers.

    “We’re in an unusual place. 15 years ago in these minutes, here the past and the present faced each other. Fifteen years ago, the young communists made October 23 the 4th of November. On the one hand, there were tear gas grenades, rubber bullets, telescopic batons, uniforms without IDs, and water cannons,” said the Hungarian head of government to the gathered crowds.

    “On the other side stood the deceived and humiliated nation, which after 50 years again had to hear that were told lies every morning, evening, and night. On the one hand, power lured out by hundreds of tricks, preserved at all costs; on the other, stood the desperate people, standing in ranks behind the great letters of freedom,” Orban stressed.

    “There are times in the life of nations when suddenly everyone feels that enough is enough. Things can’t go on like this anymore. Decisions must be made, and our decisions will show who we are. It turns out how much a nation is worth. Whether it is a silent or a protesting one. It agrees to something or rebels. It looks to the side to see if it will straighten up. Will it walk away or take up the fight? You have to stand on one side or the other. In the blink of an eye, it becomes clear who is good and who is bad,” said the Hungarian Prime Minister.

    “We Hungarians made the right decisions. We protested we straighten up, we rebelled, we fought. Freedom against slavery, independence against the occupation, Hungarian patriots against the communists. We remember that wonderful day when we Hungarians showed ourselves and the whole world and our enemies who we are. We remember the day when we didn’t ask ourselves if God was with us. We asked ourselves if we were with God,” he stressed.


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