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    Broken bars, broken windows, knocked-down fence. We have a FILM from the riot in the centre for migrants

    Several hundred police officers participated in the action of deescalating a rebellion in the centre for foreigners in Wędrzyn (Lubuskie Province). We have a video of foreigners vandalizing the resort. – A large active military unit is still being stationed here to keep an eye on security, according to Lubuskie police.

    A video has appeared on the Lubuskie police’s Twitter account showing how a riot went down at the guarded centre for foreigners in Wędrzyn. We can see men throwing stools at surveillance cameras, destroying the fence.  

    On Thursday, a group of the most aggressive migrants walked outside the building where they live. They began chanting slogans, demanding to be released. There were attempts to breach the fence and security of the facilities. Some windows were broken and furnishings were damaged.

    The foreigners were loud and would not listen to instructions. Additional Border Guard forces and police officers were sent to the site. The fire brigade was also called in as some migrants began to start fires.

    The Provincial Police Commander in Gorzów Wlkp. decided to set up a police operation. As part of it, almost 600 police officers were at the commander’s disposal on the spot. 

    There are 604 foreigners in the guarded centre for foreigners established on the military training ground in Wędrzyn (Lubuskie region). The largest groups are Iraqi (359) and Afghan (69) nationals. It is temporary and was created in mid-September this year after the wave of illegal migration on the border with Belarus gained momentum. Only men are sent to Wędrzyn by court order.

    The military buildings belonging to the Training Centre in Wędrzyn were adapted to house foreigners. Foreigners use living quarters in which previously accommodated soldiers of the Polish Army and NATO countries take part in training on the training ground.



    Although foreigners are provided with the best possible living conditions, they often show their dissatisfaction due to being in a guarded centre and vandalizing equipment. Thursday’s incident was the most serious since the centre’s launch.


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