Opposition politicians strongly criticize the tax solutions introduced as part of the Polish Deal. In turn, representatives of the ruling party indicate that any misunderstandings will be cleared up and losses will be compensated.

Radosław Fogiel, a PiS (Law and Justice - ruling party) deputy representative, when asked why the introduction of the Polish Deal is accompanied by chaos, replied: "I will treat it as an opinion and I will not agree with it".

"The Polish Deal was criticized in a childish manner. You should take full responsibility for them; you should apologize and these errors should be corrected. It should not have happened," added the PiS politician.

In the opinion of the Law and Justice MP, Poles will soon learn about the benefits of the Polish Deal.

"There was an apology, the Prime Minister apologized. (..) At the end of the month, when the majority of Poles will receive their salaries, we will see that this program is a massive tax cut," emphasized Fogiel.