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    “The Polish Prime Minister is an anti-Semite.” This is the same load of bullshit as “Ukrainian Nazis”

    A peaceful French dog regained his rapaciousness and started growling. No, at Putin, because with him he can only squeak. “Mateusz Morawiecki is a far-right anti-Semite who excludes LGBT people,” Emmanuel Macron growled in “Le Parisien.” This caused some dismay among the Polish opposition, as Macron caricatured their most radical statements since they had not even thought of accusing the Prime Minister of anti-Semitism. And most importantly, not now! But the growl of a French dog is a valuable event because it shows what the whole campaign about the dictatorship in Poland was like. It is what Ambassador Mosbacher recently suggested: this is a part of the same campaign as calling Ukrainians Nazis – Piotr Lisiewicz writes.

    Have you ever wondered in recent years why Poland is called a dictatorship even though the governing party is elected by the Poles in the following elections? Why is somebody talking about a lack of freedom of speech in Poland when most media support the opposition? Why dare we call the attempt to build a justice system that is free of communist political judgements, cover-ups of affairs and extremely pathological agreements, and which is viewed negatively by the Poles, the struggle against the rule of law?


    Why was there such nonsense as calling something differently? Most Poles have come to each other’s senses while listening. The answer is as simple as it is frightening. So that one-day Polish cities can be shelled with impunity. Poland was blocked so that no one would defend it or help it. And if the shelling does not succeed, it is at least to disregard their position after the attack on Ukraine. Because it was known that Poland would stand up and force other countries to implement what the Polish Prime Minister has perfectly defined: “Sanctions should bring peace to Ukraine and not peace to Europe’s bad conscience. The sanctions are supposed to stop Putin. If this is not the case, the sanctions shall have no effect.”


    “It’s time to say it out loud – when it comes to problems with the rule of law, much of what has reached the West is the result of Russia’s disinformation,” Ambassador Mosbacher wrote. I have to say one more sentence. The talk about the dictatorship in Poland was part of a campaign that turned Ukrainians into Nazis. And the participation of German media and foundations was no coincidence. All you have to do is to trace the source of this misinformation, and you see everything as obvious.


    The “totality” of the opposition stemmed from the fact that the dispute between the PiS (Law and Justice Party) and the opposition is not like the competition between Republicans and Democrats or the CDU and the SPD. Not the taxes or moral issues are in it of utmost importance. It is, above all, a dispute between the option of Poland’s independence and the alliance of states cooperating with the United States. And the Russian-German lobby, under which Russia is capable of the worst bestiality and genocide.


    Furthermore, those who have sympathized with the actions of Fighting Solidarity (pol. Solidarność Walcząca) can hear in the words of Mateusz Morawiecki the echo of the words of Kornel Morawiecki, who proclaims the ideas of the brotherhood of peoples and solidarity. The son carries out the work designed by his father and the Autonomous Eastern Division of Fighting Solidarity under the command of Jadwiga Chmielowska and Piotr Hlebowicz.


    In his master’s thesis on Fighting Solidarity, Mateusz Morawiecki wrote: “Solidarism in concrete manifestations of social life, everyday life, was to be the realization of the Christian idea of love of neighbour. Solidarity is a form of society’s road to (…) a new (…) system which will undoubtedly include the main values carried by the Union – that is, democracy and genuine (…) social love. The idea of solidarity is an attempt to transfer the principles of respect, understanding and love between individuals to relations between national, social or political groups. Solidarity was intended as a challenge to the individualistic, oriented on the use of Western capitalism, but above all, it was a counter-proposal to the inhuman communist system.”


    These are the “Polish anti-Semites,” which, of course, the ignorant Emmanuel Macron does not know.

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