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    Ukraine is fighting

    The war against Ukraine continues. More media and intelligence information show that Russia is trying to continue the invasion, but neither the Russian aggressor nor the Ukrainian defence is able to make a breakthrough on the front lines.

    For several days, the fighting has been concentrated in eastern Ukraine. The Kremlin is trying to destroy Ukrainian troops in Donbas and Luhansk, hoping to gain control over entire Ukrainian regions. At the same time, Russia is conducting rocket fire on targets located throughout Ukraine. The attacks are aimed at destroying the logistical base of Ukrainian defences and intimidating the population.


    “Ukraine is defending itself successfully,” Stanisław Żaryn, Spokesman for Poland’s Minister-Special Services Coordinator, points out.  “Ukraine is using counteroffensive and pushing the invaders out of the territory which they have managed to occupy previously,” he adds. 


    The effectiveness of Ukraine’s defences allows it to destabilize plans for a Russian invasion. The war, which was intended to be fought over several days and end in great Russian success, is not going the Kremlin’s way. Even mass atrocities, often shocking and reminiscent of genocide, have not broken the defences and morale of Ukrainians who are fighting for their country. However, this in no way means that Russia has given up on further attacks. The war will continue.


    At the same time, Russia is waging another war, an information and psychological one. “The Kremlin’s goal is to manipulate the image of aggression against Ukraine. Like so many times in history, Russia is trying to wash away the odium of the perpetrator by falsifying the real reasons for the attack on Ukraine,” Żaryn notes. 


    “Russia is trying to cover up the crimes committed by Russian soldiers. Russia’s propaganda is also infecting public opinion around the world, hoping that the international community will be interested in returning to doing business with Russia and cooperating on previous terms,” a spokesman for Poland’s Minister-Special Services Coordinator says.


    The world’s reaction will determine whether Russia is given permission to commit crimes and aggression against Ukraine. 


    “Ukraine left stranded, without support will allow other countries to share its fate in the future. The same will happen when the West believes that it is possible to return to ‘normal’ relations with Russia, despite the invasion, crimes and violation of principles which are happening during the invasion,” he adds.


    “Today, it is apparent that there are circles in the West that care about Russia’s interests even in the face of war and seek a return to economic cooperation even at the expense of Ukraine. A naive approach to Russian imperialism will bear very bad fruit in the future. Russia must be stopped. Russian imperialism will not stop by itself,” he concludes. 

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