The ingenuity of the Ukrainian military and engineers during the ongoing war is well known. On many occasions, Ukrainians have converted reconnaissance drones to carry out combat missions. One such example is a quadrocopter adapted to carry several RKG-3 anti-tank grenades.



More recently, meanwhile, footage has emerged showing a lightweight multi-propelled rocket launcher being transported by a pick-up truck. Ukrainian engineers and mechanics created this military hardware parts from a damaged BM-21 Grad system. The light nine-tube rocket launcher is referred to by the Ukrainian military as the "Witcher".



Video footage of improvised multi-slide rocket launchers using 80mm S-8 calibre air-to-air missiles has also appeared on social media. These armaments were mounted on pick-up trucks. According to experts, these mobile 12-guide rocket launchers, despite not having the performance of BM-21 Grad calibre 122mm systems. These improvised systems can successfully be used to strike targets at close range.