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    Deputy PM insists on 50 pct windfall tax on energy firms

    Jacek Sasin, Poland’s state assets minister and deputy prime minister, has proposed a 50 per cent windfall tax on power companies which have profited from rising energy prices.

    Energy prices in Poland have increased rapidly owing to a combination of factors, including the Ukraine war and a boycott of Russian oil and gas.


    “I have suggested a windfall tax,” Sasin told public television on Sunday. “My proposal is for a 50 per cent levy.”


    The new tax will generate PLN 13.5 billion (EUR 2.84 billion) in additional budget revenues as the tax will go back to cover all contracts signed by power companies in the high-price environment.


    “This money will be used exclusively to relieve Poles facing difficulties caused by the crisis, the war in Ukraine, but also the EU’s climate and energy policies,” the deputy prime minister said.


    According to Sasin, the government will debate his proposal on Tuesday.

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