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    Another humanitarian aid from Poland reached Aleppo

    Another humanitarian aid shipment from Poland has just arrived in Aleppo. Among the packages were cleaning supplies, hygiene products, and 1800 packages of sweets for Syrian children. The residents of Aleppo have been experiencing a lack of basic necessities such as medicine, food, and hygiene products during the 12-year civil war, which has made life much more difficult for them.

    “Walking through the streets of Aleppo you can see the drama of this city. On one side of the ruin, on the other what has been preserved or rebuilt. There, I spoke with the Franciscan Fathers. They are worried because the little flock that is left here is losing all hope.”,

    says Fr. Prof. Waldemar Cisło.

    The Polish section of PKWP, along with Poles present in Syria, have been trying to help those in need for many years. Several projects, such as Lower Silesia for Aleppo, which involved buying medical equipment, have already been completed. In total, 70 tons of humanitarian aid have been delivered to Syria, and this latest shipment has provided essential cleaning and hygiene supplies. Diseases caused by dirt are starting to appear, and the increasing temperature only worsens the situation. Therefore, such aid is crucial, especially for children who suffer the most. Every occasion, such as Christmas or Easter, becomes a way to show support and bring a smile to their faces.

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