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    Sousa will pay compensation to PZPN. Who will replace him?

    Today, Paulo Sousa will pay compensation by the end of the day for the early termination of his contract with the Polish Football Association (PZPN), media in Brazil and Portugal reported. This amount, which would make it easier for Sousa to start working with the Rio de Janeiro club Flamengo, oscillates in their opinion at 300 thousand euros.

    The journalist Vene Casagrande published in Rio de Janeiro daily “O Dia” the information that with the transfer of funds by Sousa to the account of the Polish Football Association, the Brazilian club would be ready to announce the Portuguese as the new coach of Flamengo. “As of yesterday, Flamengo has an announcement ready regarding the contracting of Sousa,” the Brazilian journalist revealed, pointing out that the coach would be expected to return €320,000 (about PLN 1.5 million) to the Polish Football Association.


    The information that Sousa may pay compensation for the early termination of his contract with the Polish Football Association was also confirmed by Portuguese TV channels RTP and SIC. They claim that the money that the selector committed to giving to the PZPN amounts to 300 thousand euros.


    The Polish selector’s manager said yesterday that the issue of Sousa’s future should be resolved by Tuesday afternoon. He maintained that the Portuguese was still yet to sign a contract with Flamengo.


    Who will replace Sousa? Tomasz Włodarczyk from reveals that the most serious candidate is Adam Nawałka, who is also supported by a large part of the team.


    “Adam Nawałka has the support of experienced representatives. In my opinion, he becomes the clear favourite to take the selector’s job. It is not true that he would like to work only in the playoffs,” he tweeted 



    On Wednesday, December 29, there will be an extraordinary meeting of the PZPN’s management board regarding the Polish national team manager. Perhaps then we will know the name of Paulo Sousa’s successor.


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