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    Missiles with inscriptions are fired toward the Russians. “For Bucha! For Katyn!”

    The Russian aggression against Ukraine, instead of dividing the world, has united it. The relations which have entered an incomparably higher level are those between Poland and Ukraine. In connection with the help, we are giving to the fighting nation, Ukrainian gunmen sent a message to Russian soldiers on behalf of the Poles.

    Since the beginning of the Russian aggression, Poland has supported Ukraine with all its might. Our eastern neighbours are well aware of the history of Polish-Russian relations and the numerous crimes committed by the Russians against the Polish people. While repelling the attacks of Putin’s soldiers, the Ukrainians decided to send them some ‘messages’.


    The artillery shells bear inscriptions such as: “Poland is not yet dead”, “For Kaczynski”, and “For Katyn”.


    “The Ukrainian artillerymen meant to express sympathy and gratitude to Poland,” wrote Mateusz Lachowski, a journalist who has been covering the war in Ukraine from the beginning. As he relayed, he handcrafted one of the messages for the Russians.




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