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    The summary of the European Championships in Munich – historic result for the Poles

    The European Championships in Munich have come to an end. The white-and-red team reached for 39 medals during them. That’s an amazing result for Poles!

    As the rivalry in the European Championships has already come to an end, it is worth recalling how the representatives of Poland performed in Munich. During the first three days of the competition, they won two medals in track cycling – thanks to the women’s team in the sprint and Nikola Wielowska in the scratch – and one in rowing. On the lowest step of the podium stood the men’s double fours. On Sunday, August 14, our athletes added another medal – this time in para-rowing.


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    Extremely happy for the Poles was Monday, August 15. It started with Aleksandra Lisowska‘s gold medal in the marathon and bronze in the team classification of this competition. Then the white and red dominated the competition in speed climbing. Polish women occupied the entire podium, with Aleksandra Mirosław standing on its highest step. In addition, the silver in the men’s competition was won by Marcin Dzieński. Another bronze medal for Poland on the cycling track was won by Daria Pikulik in the omnium. 


    Tuesday, August 16, ended with a European vice-championship on the cycling track for Urszula Łoś in the keirin. The next day was even more successful. First, in the 400-meter run, Natalia Kaczmarek won silver, and Anna Kiełbasińska won bronze. In the hammer throw, 21-year-old Ewa Różanska took a sensational second place. 


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    On Thursday, August 18, the title among men in this competition was defended by Wojciech Nowicki. Unfortunately, five-time world champion Pawel Fajdek was off the podium this time. A little later, the amazing Adrianna Sułek won silver in the Heptathlon despite competing with an injury. 


    Friday, August 19, brought us a medal for Justyna Iskrzycka and Katarzyna Kołodziejczyk in the 200-meter canoe sprint. In para kayaking, Karolina Bronowicz won bronze instead. Also, on the lowest step of the podium in the 1,500 meters competition was Sofia Ennaoui.


    On Saturday, August 20, silver in the 20 km walk was won by Katarzyna Zdziebło. Medals, however, spilt “in full” in canoeing. Anna Puławska and Karolina Naja in the K2 500-meter final won the gold in the European Championship, and bronze in C2 over the same distance was won by Sylwia Szczerbińska and Julia Walczak. The streak was extended with more bronze medals in the 200m in the K1 category by Marta Walczykiewicz and Oleksii Koliadych (C1, 200m). In turn, silver was claimed right after them by Jakub Stepun and Bartosz Grabowski (K2, 200m).


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    In the evening, Anna Wielgosz unexpectedly won the bronze medal in the 800m run at the Olympic Stadium. The women’s 4×400-meter relay team won silver this time, composed of Anna Kiełbasińska, Iga Baumgart-Witan, Justyna Święty-Ersetic and Natalia Kaczmarek (as well as Małgorzata Hołub-Kowalik and Kinga Gacka, who ran in the preliminaries). 


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    On Sunday, August 21, medals were again sprinkled in canoeing. The competition in the C2 for 200 was won by Arsen Śliwinski and Aleksander Kitewski, the K1 for 500 meters was won by Anna Puławska. The Polish canoeist also won in the K4 race over the same distance (along with Karolina Naja, Dominika Putto and Adrianna Kąkol). Silver medals were added by Justyna Iskrzycka in K1 for 100 meters, the duo Dominika Putto, Katarzyna Kołodziejczyk (K2 for 200 meters), Tomasz Barniak and Wiktor Głazunow in C2 for 500 meters and Mateusz Surwiło in KL3 for 200 meters. Rafal Rosolski, who was third in the 5000 meters, reached for the bronze. 


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    Polish women became the European Champions! They are unrivalled!


    Just before the end of the competition in Munich, Polish athletes still reached for medals. First, Pia Skrzyszowska, with a time of 12.53s, won Sunday’s final of the 100-meter hurdles run, and then she had an excellent performance in the 4×100-meter relay. Together with Marika Popowicz-Drapała, Anna Kiełbasińska and Ewa Swoboda, she won the European vice-championship. 


    Not worse than the ladies on the treadmill proved themselves to the men. The men’s 4x100m relay team, consisting of Adrian Brzeziński, Przemysław Słowikowski, Patryk Wykrota and Dominik Kopeć, also broke the national record. The time of 38.15s allowed them to take third place in Europe.


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    The Poles, with 39 medals, took eighth place in the medal classification. Thus, they improved their achievements from the first European Championships in 2018. In turn, Polish representatives took sixth place in the table of the European Championships in athletics. Fourteen medals allowed them to beat the achievement of the last three editions of the event. During each of them, they collected twelve medals. 


    European Championships 2022 medal classification:


    1. Germany – 26 gold – 20 silver – 14 bronze, a total of 60

    2. Great Britain – 24-19-17, 60

    3. Italy – 14-18-19, 51


    8. Poland – 8-16-15, 39

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